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We offer the finest in Northeastern Appalachain hardwoods and softwoods

     We have some of the best hard and softwoods the world has to offer right here in the United States! If it doesn't grow here, we don't have it!  We offer wood slabs in black walnut, maple, sycamore, red oak, white oak, cherry, poplar, box elder, catalpa, eastern white pine, white cedar, red cedar,  spruce, and many more, all based upon current supply and log inventory.  

    Please check back often as our inventory and selection will continue to grow, with new slabs being added weekly. In short order we will have a selection of hundreds and hundreds of slabs for your consideration.  


All of our slabs are kiln dried

     We kiln dry all of our slabs in our state of the art vacuum kiln.  Enjoy the benefits of brighter, truer colors with less defect and degrade. Every cycle also includes the benefits of material conditioning as well as a sterilization cycle that exceeds USDA requirements. There are no fears of bugs, eggs, future cracking, twisting, etc. as commonly associated with air dried or otherwise improperly handled materials. Our materials go directly from the kiln to the warehouse...never outside!

Responsibly harvested logs and timber


     All of our logs are acquired from local and regional loggers working forester governed selective harvests, tree services, and property owners. Some of these logs are reclaimed and salvaged from becoming firewood, or worse yet, landfill! No tree is ever cut down just for the sake of processing slabs from it. 

      About 3/4 of our logs were acquired from local tree services. They were trees that were coming down regardless. In most cases, it's because they became a safety concern for a private property owner. In other words, we rescue urban timber! With sawing so much urban timber, we certainly run all different types of metal and other object in wood. You will see some of it here, in our wood slabs.

     The remaining 1/4 of our logs that come in from loggers are cut down typically for forest thinning or improvement, or due to negative impacts of insects or disease.  Responsibly using renewable and sustainable resources helps ensure that Mother Nature's  wonders will be here for future generations to enjoy!


While our website might be new, we are not new to the slab and lumber industry


     We have operated a successful and complete sawmill business locally, in the foothills of the Poconos, PA, since 2013. We have dealt with live edge wood slabs, straight cut wood slabs, dimensional lumber, cookies, and more. We have been a family owned business from the start. We have done everything from cut the tree down to applying the finish coat on a  product…and everything in between! We are the sawmill, the kiln, the wood shop, and everything that happens to your slab from log to shipment…there is no middle man! We do not import anything…from anywhere…EVER!!! Never have, never will!

     We do not sell sapele, monkeypod, acacia, mahogany, teak, zebra wood,…you get the idea! If it doesn’t grow here, we don’t have it! Why? We have the worlds’ best hardwoods and softwoods right here in the good ole’ U.S., there’s no need to import! We support local, regional, and national economy. We support our friends, neighbors, and fellow Americans. 

Additional details about products and services...

     Products and slabs are shipped with whatever bark is or is not on a slab at the time of shipment. We do not guarantee that this bark will arrive on the piece or stay on it. We remove all the bark on almost all pieces we have done for ourselves and in other businesses. It is more hygenic for cleaning purposes, makes it easier for routing cleaning and maintenance, and maintains the natural edge of the piece as Mother Nature intended. 

     If you are not familiar with the species you are considering, please ask for help or do a bit of research. There are plenty of sites out there that list comprehensive information and characteristics of various species, like wood-database.com. Great site, listing hardness, machining and workability properties, and a wealth of other species specific information.



*Shipped right to your door automatically includes all items marked free shipping. Shipped right to your door also includes all standard weight/dimension items shipped standard UPS ground. All oversized and/overweight items are automatically  priced to ship to your nearest freight terminal for pickup. These items can usually be priced to ship to your home or business, for an additional fee.

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Kiln dried!

All wood slabs and cookies are kiln dried, sterilized, and stored inside a climate controlled warehouse

Renewable resource!

Responsibly harvested logs from forester controlled selective harvests and residential/urban timber recovery operations

Supporting U.S. Economy!

All materials are produced from timber grown right here in our region...processed by Americans, using American made equipment, in America, for Americans

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